If Adventure Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It Part 2

So I prepared to move to my new park. I was told I’d have to leave my cargo trailer in the “maintenance area”.  It sounded as though it could be noisy, so I asked and was told, “Oh no. It’s very quiet there.” Hmmmm. It still made me nervous. I had a LOT of work to do; clients were counting on me to get their projects back to them in a timely manner. I would be leaving in a week and have limited ability to work while I was on the road. (Having solar power would allow me to work on the road, but I had a mission to get home ASAP and so getting a lot of miles in was a priority. If I had to stop to work, I would have to drive far off the interstate to find a quiet place, set up my studio, work, then break down my studio, get back to the interstate, and continue driving. Certainly doable in an emergency, but not my optimal way of traveling or working.)

So it was very important that I buckle down and get lots of work done. But would my new place be sufficiently quiet? I was nervous about the whole situation until it finally hit me – I’m MOBILE! So I decided to drive to the quietest place I could find near my new park, which was a county park with a boat ramp. There was hardly anyone there, and it was far enough off A1A to be free from traffic noise from loud trucks and motorcycles.

County Park

So I worked all afternoon – about 5 hours, and got quite a bit accomplished. EXCEPT, that my throat seemed very dry and a little scratchy. UH OH! For me, that usually means a cold coming on. I drank several bottles of water while I was working, but still my throat was sore.

I checked in at the park and immediately parked the trailer in the “storage” area.

Maintenance area

Doesn’t it look tiny compared to these RVs?

It seemed very quiet there, so I was happy.

I parked the van into one of the most awful sites I’ve ever seen. It was basically a rectangle of dirt. I didn’t even have enough room to open up my outdoor rug all the way. There was a small patch of grass with a picnic table, but that was behind the van, so what good was that?

Ocean Grove

After checking in, I walked about 20 minutes to another RV park to visit with friends. Instead of walking back in a light drizzle, I accepted their offer of a ride because I was definitely feeling like I was coming down with something – and I was. I spent the entire next day in bed, feeling just awful.

On Sunday I felt a little better (I’m a firm believer in lots of rest and liquids to move a cold through faster) but more importantly, I sounded okay. So I worked a little in the morning and a little in the afternoon. It was nice and quiet. I didn’t realize until the following day that that was because all the staff had the day off. On Monday, there was lawn mowing, leaf blowing, trucks driving back and forth, table saws, and other assorted annoyances. I was able to get work done in between all these, but it certainly wasn’t the quiet atmosphere the person on the phone had assured me of.

Anyway, I worked like a dog all week and pulled out of there on Thursday. I planned to meet a friend on the North Carolina coast and I had about 8 hours of driving to get there.

After 2 hours, all of a sudden my speedometer went to 0 and my ABS and Brake lights came on. To make a long story short, it was a sensor and only cost $85, but it set me back about 2 hours.

Back on the road, I drove another 2 hours and was in stop-and-go traffic on the interstate when my front brake (you, the one that I had fixed a month earlier) started smoking. Damn. I called the place that originally fixed it and the manager did a little research and found a place 7 miles away that would take me right away.

To make another long story short, they fixed it ($300) and after about 2.5 hours, I was back on the road. I still had 4 hours to drive and it was 6pm. Exhausted, I arrived at our hotel at 10.

After spending several busy days looking at houses for my friend (she wants to retire to that area in 19 months), I left at 4pm to head north once again. Fortunately, I didn’t break down, but when I stopped for gas in northern NC, I was shocked at how cold it was. I checked the forecast and realized that it was supposed to go down to 21 degrees that night. A HUGE problem for a vehicle that has holding tanks. I needed to do something and FAST. I checked the iPad and found a WalMart a short drive away. I bought the last 2 bottles of RV (non-toxic) antifreeze that they had. I then spent the next 20 minutes filling my electric kettle with water from my fresh water holding tank to empty it so I could pour in the antifreeze, but there was still a lot of water left, so I gave up and poured in the AF. I also poured half a bottle of AF in the toilet and the sink (they use separate tanks). I didn’t have a socket wrench to remove the drain plug for the water heater, so I just had to leave it be and hope for the best.

2 thoughts on “If Adventure Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It Part 2

  1. You have definetly had your share of troubles. Still way better than punching a clock. Be safe out there, and thanks for sharing!


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