If Adventure Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

A lot of people tell me that “I’m living their dream”, “They’ve always wanted to be able to work and travel”, “Someday when they retire…”

Well, yesterday was the type of day that keeps most people from attempting adventure.

After driving for 4.5 days in a snowstorm on interstate 95 through Connecticut, NY, and northern NJ (is that roadway ALWAYS sucky?), I was looking forward to less slippery roadways and warmer temps. After visiting with my friends in Marylands for 2 hours, the sun was out and I was looking forward to getting a lot of driving in. I was hoping to keep going until 9 or 10pm so that I’d only have 4 or 5 hours left on Monday.

It was warmer all right. Snow was melting, making for a wet roadway and lots of glare. But I was making good time. I don’t like chain restaurants or fast food much, but one of my few exceptions is Subway. I get seeing the signs for Subway restaurants on the highway. Finally, I decided it was time and got off the highway for a sandwich. Except that that particular subway was having plumbing problems and couldn’t serve any food. I must have passes signs for 50 different Subways yesterday, but the one I picked couldn’t serve me!

So, I made an almond butter and jam sandwich and pressed on.

Then, I smelled something. Was it my vehicle or someone else’s?

The GPS routed me onto a road that was fairly stop and go and eventually I stopped at a light and saw smoke coming from the right front of the van. I opened the hood but didn’t see any smoke. It appeared to be coming from behind the wheel. I also noticed fluid leaking on the ground. The van had been pulling to the right when I braked, so I determined that there was a problem with the front passenger brake, but I appeared to have a left brake. So I decided to drive the 2 miles to get back on the interstate and drive as long as I had gas and try to find a service station. Of course, it was Sunday, so I’d have to wait until the morning to actually talk to someone.


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