Adventure part 2

So, I put on my cellphone headset (I don’t talk and drive, but this time I made an exception) and called AAA. I asked them the location of the nearest AAA service station that was close to the highway. They gave me an address about 30 miles away. I just hoped that I’d be able to get there with the gas I had. And it was raining again. I coasted off the highway at the exit and downshifted so as to avoid using my brakes as much as possible. The station was 3 miles away so I put on my flashers and drove slowly to the location. I settled in for the night, but slept fitfully.

When the manager came in the morning, I jumped out of the van and he ushered me into the office to fill out the paperwork. One of the guys helped me unhitch the trailer, and after about 15 minutes, they brought the van in.

After a while, the manager informed me that I needed most of the brake parts replaced, and one of those parts would have to be delivered from another city. It would be at least several hours. So I walked up the street and had a big breakfast. At 12:30, I got an update that the part had arrived and it would take several hours to install everything. Sigh. I have a headache, I’m tired, and feel like crap. I have at least 5 hours of driving to get to St. Augustine, and at this rate, I won’t arrive until 9pm. I’ll have to backup the trailer and unhitch it because the site isn’t long enough for me to just back the trailer and van into the site. And it’ll be dark. Fortunately I have a friend in the park who can help.

And once morning comes along with more rain, I have to hook up water, sewer, and electric (also figuring it how to get water into the water heater, which is a little tricky), and flush out my tanks that are currently filled with non toxic antifreeze. THEN, I have to install the acoustic foam in the sound booth (after I find somewhere to put all my stuff in the trailer because it’s supposed to STILL be raining), hook up all my equipment, and get the internet going (which always takes a long phone call to Comcast). Tired yet? It’s supposed to rain all week, which is just as well since I won’t have any time for anything besides work anyway.

Am I still living your dream?


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