How the Mobile Studio is Powered

Solar stuff

Solar stuff

It’s not terribly elegant, but the important thing is that it works! I have a solar panel on the roof that charges up these 2 batteries. I have an outlet for plugging in electrical equipment. Total power is 1,000 watts (I think – I get a little confused with electrical stuff). The guy, Pete, who’s doing the actual building of the sound booth inside the trailer is going to mount the batteries so it’s slightly more elegant than what you see here. So, although this setup is going to be fine for my studio, I will not be able to run an air conditioner, microwave oven, or possibly even a hairdryer. Not a problem. I just want to be able to work no matter what. My long term plan is to be able to travel more without having to rely on plugging into electrical power for the studio and the van. RoadTrek has a model that has 9600 watts of solar power, allowing for complete independence from electrical. Unfortunately, that model new sells for $140,000. Yikes. It’s been out for a few years, so maybe in a few more, I can buy one used for a LOT less money.

Coming up, I’m supposed to be leaving in about 10 days, but haven’t yet heard when the mobile studio will be done. OY! Plus, Pete’s pickup truck is a 4 cylinder and he doesn’t think he’ll be able to tow it back up from Connecticut, where he’s been working on it. Which means I’ll have to drive 6 hours round trip to get it. UNLESS, he’s really running late and I have to pack everything into the van and drive to Connecticut and then continue south. That would be challenging. I’m not sure everything I need to bring will fit in the van. This week I’ll start making piles in the house of everything that’s coming. I have lists of lists (studio, kitchen, clothes, miscellaneous, cat stuff,  etc). I also have to take care of mail, the newspaper, my house caretaker, and lots of other little things. The reason most people never do these kinds of things is that they can be overwhelming. Even to me. And I seem to take things like this on a lot. Why is that?

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