Getting it all Ready – Step 1

So here I am living in Maine and I LOVE IT! Except, that is, for March. And parts of April. Yes, I love November. I love winter. But….March and April are particularly challenging for me. I can’t bike, hike, ski, or garden. It can be cold and raw. There aren’t even many bike trips offered at that time of year.

So, I had to figure a way out of here for about 2 months. I had already sold the Voxmobile. (It is actually located less than 3/4 of a mile from here. A rather “eccentric” gentleman bought it from me with the idea of bringing it to music festivals, but it’s been almost 5 months and he hasn’t even registered it yet. Not my problem…)

Besides, the Voxmobile was appropriate when I was living in it fulltime, but I felt it was too big for just a 2 month getaway. Plus, I was technically not allowed to have it in my neighborhood (I live in an association and yes, someone did complain).

So I bought a Roadtrek camper van. It’s a 1998, because new ones cost upwards of $100,000 and I’m not sure I want to invest THAT much in something I haven’t tried yet. These vans are cool but rather small, and my 2 cats will be sharing it with me. So I found this one in Vermont on Craig’s List. It’s not plush, but it is comfortable. At some point I’ll post photos of the inside.

Look closely at the tailpipe. See the facecloth that’s rubber-banded to it? The van wouldn’t start a few weeks ago (probably because I left dual adapter for the cigarette lighter plugged in and I hadn’t driven it for a few weeks). So I jump started it, but it wouldn’t stay running. Kept stalling out. I did notice a big white cloud of something come out of the tailpipe though. So I called AAA. The driver got out of his truck and commented on that “nice smell of something baking”. (“I hope that smell isn’t a critter in my engine, I thought…)

Anyway, he asked me to step on the gas really hard and when I did, acorns shot out of the tailpipe. I had to step on the gas a few more times before all the nuts were expelled. Hence the facecloth. I have a reminder on the driver’s seat so that I don’t forget to remove the facecloth before I drive somewhere.

So, you might ask, how am I going to work in such a small space? Well, that would be step 2 – coming soon.

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